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Herbsmith Sassy Cat Kibble Seasoning – Freeze Dried Whitefish – Cat Food Topper for Picky Eaters – Wild-Caught Whitefish

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Brand: Herbsmith


  • Made with real, wild-caught Whitefish - We only use whole food ingredients, like our wild-caught Whitefish (because no cat deserves to be served “meat substitute”). all of our ingredients are responsibly sourced in the USA using only the best Freeze Dried fish for cats! We know they won’t accept anything less.
  • Say no to the extras - Keeping Our recipe 100% Free of grains means there’s more room for meats. Our freeze dried cat food toppers contain zero additives, fillers, flavors, dyes, preservatives, or grains. Just real, WHOLE Food that your sweet kitty deserves.
  • Freeze Dried raw-no baking involved! - The freeze-drying process allows for a flavor-packed mix of delicious and nutritious. Our freeze-dried Whitefish retains nearly 100% of its whole Food vitamins and minerals because it’s processed at such low temperatures.
  • Single Ingredient - as pet parents we have become accustomed to lengthy ingredient decks with Obscure NAMES that no one can pronounce. We strongly believe that food is the foundation of health and our pets deserve better! Our ingredient deck says it all - Whitefish. That’s 100% it!
  • Made & sourced in the USA - Each of our recipes were created by holistic veterinarian, Dr. Chris Bessent, who owns and operates Herbsmith’s facilities in Wisconsin. It’s quality you can trust from a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience.
  • No corn, wheat, or soy - When you use our cat food seasoning you know exactly what you’re giving your kitty. You won’t find any of those fillers in our recipes because we’re determined to give kitties what they actually want (and what happens to be good for them).
  • Rated #1 by picky eaters - kitties give our recipes four Paws way up! We know how hard it can be to find Food your cat enjoys, especially when picky palates are involved. With a wide range of recipes, there’s a Flavor for every finicky cat. Kitties with allergies can appreciate this too!
  • It’s healthy too! - We’re firm believers that anything put into our pet’s bowl can and should actually be good for them, so we only use fresh, high-quality ingredients. (But shh. Cats don’t have a clue. )

model number: 617395628377

Part Number: 617395628377

Details: With your cat’s health (and taste buds) in mind, Our sassy cat kibble Seasoning adds flavor to his bowl while also giving him the nutrients he needs. Our recipes contain freeze dried meat for cats and that’s it! There are zero additives, fillers, preservatives, or grains – giving your kitty what he wants (and needs) and nothing that he doesn’t. If your finicky cat won’t eat, kibble Seasoning cat food toppers are a must. Sprinkle it generously over wet food or dry and you won’t have to fuss over what to feed a picky cat again. Meow please!

EAN: 0617395628377

Package Dimensions: 5.2 x 2.1 x 2.1 inches

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Herbsmith Sassy Cat Kibble Seasoning – Freeze Dried Whitefish – Cat Food Topper for Picky Eaters – Wild-Caught Whitefish

$9.99 USD